We have previously reported on how smart phones, watches and their apps have the potential to aid in the health industry, such as the diagnosis of dementia or the sale of products. Therefore, it only makes sense that we use this technology to aid in the battle against Covid-19.  

The Canadian Government released a contact tracing app called COVID Alert. After downloading the app, the app notifies you if you have possibly been exposed to someone with Covid-19. This is beneficial as symptoms of Covid-19 can appear days later or in some cases with symptoms not appearing at all. Many Canadians are wary about the app, believing it is too invasive. However, this should not be a concern as the app does not know your location, name, address, or your health information. The app uses Bluetooth to exchange codes with phones nearby and checks everyday if any of the codes It has received have identified as Covid-19 positive within a 14-day range. If it has, you will be notified. It should be noted that this app is not intended to replace manual contact tracing, nor does it replace medical advice. If you are feeling unwell you should still see a doctor or healthcare provider, and local public health authorities will conduct manual contact tracing if you are diagnosed with Covid-19.  

Apple Inc. Collaborated with the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to create an app which guides its users through a Covid-19 screening questionnaire. The result of the questionnaire indicates if you should seek medical care for your symptoms.  The app also provides recommendations for social distancing, self-isolating, how to monitor symptoms, and when it is recommended, to contact a medical provider. Apps such as these are especially important in situations where screenings, tests, or medical care can be costly or unaffordable for families.  

The common theme between the two apps is that they are only good if people use them. It is important for your own safety and the safety of your community to monitor your symptoms and conduct Covid-19 safe practices, and these apps are there to help.  

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