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Ingredient Compliance

Let us simplify your ingredient compliance checks by using our proprietary software.

In over three decades, we have successfully helped hundreds of companies ensure compliance with the Canadian and US regulatory requirements. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand the intended use of each product, target market and applicable regulations. We meticulously evaluate each ingredient in your formula while navigating the regulatory intricacies to ensure Canadian and US compliance. Using our proprietary software, we can efficiently evaluate each ingredient against a number of restricted and prohibited lists and provide you with key details to ensure compliance. We leverage this technology for a more cost-effective route, along with faster turnaround times for our clients without affecting the quality of our analyses.


 Focal Point Research offers the following
Ingredient Compliance Consulting Services

  • Canadian regulatory Cosmetic, OTC Drug and NHP Ingredient compliance checks 
  • US regulatory Cosmetic and OTC Drug Ingredient compliance checks 
  • Canadian CEPA and NSNR compliance checks
  • US State-specific ingredient compliance checks
  • Corrections to ingredient lists to ensure correct naming convention and order
  • Support with identifying correct ingredients to be listed on labels based on raw material documents
  • NHPID Ingredient support – addition of ingredients and functions to the database
  • Ingredient Reporting, e.g. California

“Focal Point Research has consistently and professionally looked after regulatory and quality issues of our brand for years. Through a courteous and knowledgeable team, they have managed to navigate us through an ever changing regulatory landscape while maintaining our interests, and allowed us to correctly distribute and sell within Canada.”

“I have truly enjoyed working with you over the last 8 years! You and your team have been an amazing resource for me. I have always been impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of everyone at Focal Point, which is a true testament to your leadership.”

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