For patients facing the ongoing health concern of having high blood-pressure, it can be difficult to monitor the status of their condition over a long period of time. It may be a feasible option to check blood-pressure on a daily basis, and take medication to control it. However, how is one supposed to easily assess whether their cardiovascular health is improving or depreciating without meticulously documenting each recording daily? Once again – Amazon has a solution to the issue!

Omron Healthcare Inc. has recently disclosed a new feature that allows Amazon Alexa devices to take blood pressure readings, as well as compare them to other readings taken over time. Amazon Alexa users can ask simple questions about their blood pressure, and receive information about their cardiovascular health from the comfort of their own home.

How can it be used?

The new technology can be accessed through the Omron Connect app used in conjunction with the Alexa app, both of which can be downloaded for free from Apple iOS or the Google Play store. They can sync with Omron’s blood pressure monitors, and provide information on average readings, or judge the readings against the last highest/lowest recorded readings, and much more. It also allows Alexa to provide guidelines for measurement to ensure the readings are taken accurately, making the monitoring of blood pressure easy for patients new to the practice.

For those without adverse health conditions, regularly monitoring blood-pressure with Alexa can provide insight on cardiovascular health conditions for proactively taking health into one’s own hands. It can help one act sooner on obscure numbers and can potentially be life-saving.

Omron Healthcare European president and CEO André Van Gils said: “It’s more important than ever for us to find new ways to help people simplify and ease their blood pressure monitoring habits, so that they can understand and manage their condition more efficiently.”

This new cardiovascular health monitoring addition to Amazon Alexa has consumers wondering what Amazon will come up with next.

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