After the European Union’s ban on animal testing on cosmetics, many other countries around the world have committed their intention to ban such testing as well. This includes any products for sale in a country that have been tested on animals elsewhere. Switzerland and Brazil are a few of the countries looking to join the almost 40 countries that have already passed animal testing bans. This is on top of the many consumer and animal rights groups that are highly vocal against companies that do test on animals. This has impacted companies such as NARS cosmetics who announced their intention to enter into the China market. Due to safety regulations in China, product safety testing on animals is mandatory. As a result, there have been social media campaigns against the cosmetics company.

With the outspoken controversy about animal testing worldwide, many cosmetics companies are searching to find suitable alternatives to test for the safety and efficacy of their cosmetic and personal care products.

Genoskin, a company derived from the French National Center for Scientific Research and the Paul Sabatier University, is looking to provide that alternative. The biotech company exports human skin models that can be easily used for dermatological testing. Their models are derived from donated human skin biopsies, as well as otherwise discarded human skin from surgeries (ex. tummy tucks) with the informed consent of the donors. The skin includes all 3 layers of the human skin: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis and is kept alive in the Genoskin culture medium to offer a live and predictable human skin response. Using human skin samples will be far more effective than animals due to the difference between animal and human tissues. Genoskin offers various types of skin models for various studies such as for absorption, immunostaining, and even in the study of skin cancers.

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