More consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of their makeup and personal care brands. In a study of female Chinese consumers, 45% have stated that products in their facial care routine includes natural ingredients and herbs to improve their skin.  However, the green trend extends beyond the ingredients. Consumers are also looking outside of the product containers as well. Many more consumers today than ever have been looking at the environmental impacts of their product packaging and will prefer brands that are shown to be environmentally friendly.

Not only do some companies show their environmental consciousness in the ingredients they use, but many beauty manufacturers demonstrate their ability to be green by their manufacturing and distribution operations. There have been an increasing number of beauty companies that are operating on renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint. Recently, a major industry player has found themselves announcing their intention to make all of their 21 manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States to be carbon neutral by next year.

The player in question is L’Oréal USA, and they intend to achieve this by powering their facilities using renewable natural gas produced from the degradation of landfill wastes. Natural gas is typically derived from fossil fuels and emits methane into the atmosphere however, it is much cleaner than other fossil fuel derived gases such as gasoline and diesel. Using renewable natural gas that would have been otherwise emitted as landfill gas waste is becoming a popular source for alternative fuel. L’Oréal USA is working with a landfill in Ashland, Kentucky, 135 miles from the company’s operations plant in Florence, Kentucky to buy its landfill renewable natural gas.

Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the environmental impact of the products they use and will look for brands that share similar values. We expect more companies manufacturing cosmetics, drugs and natural health products will follow with major sustainability initiatives. With these kinds of developments, the company, customer and the environment will benefit.

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