With many beauty products, there are products that work for some consumers but may not for others. This has led to the call for personalization of cosmetic and personal care products that are better suited for the needs and characteristics of the individual consumer. Several cosmetic brands have worked in this direction, marketing different products targeted for various skin types and needs, even some who create individualized products designed for the consumer. However, there is a growing number of companies that are using advanced technology to create products designed specifically for an individual – with the help of artificial intelligence.

Cosmetic companies such as Proven are creating personalized skincare products with the use of a large database consisting of consumer reviews of products, current beauty products on the market, cosmetic ingredients and scientific and peer-reviewed journal articles about the skin and cosmetic ingredients. AI is used to search through the information in the database and make connections between product categories, ingredients and reviews. The data collected will be filtered into categories according to skin type, ethnicity and geographic location of the consumer. All the consumer must do is complete a short quiz asking for age, skin type, skin goals, ethnicity and geographic location. In the case of Proven, the ingredient recommendation from the database will be given to a cosmetic chemist who will create the formulations. The client will be given a unique skin profile and suggested skin care routine along with their custom-made products.

There are many other technologies like this such as chatbots and cosmetic tryout apps that allow customers to test out various beauty products using AI and augmented reality.

With technologies like this, a lot of the trial and error involved in purchasing and determining which product is right for the individual consumer would be eliminated. In addition to encouraging customer engagement with beauty brands.

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