Health Canada has announced that there will be updates to the approach to regulating self-care products as part of their 2020-2022 Forward Regulatory Plan. The self-care framework will roll out in phases over the coming years:

Phase I – Target Spring 2021 will include amendments to the Natural Health Product (NHP) Regulations to improve labelling of NHPs.

Phase II – Target Spring 2022 will include amendments to introduce for consultation a risk-based approach to regulatory oversight for non-prescription drugs such as expedited pathways for lower-risk products.

Phase III – To introduce for consultation, regulatory amendments to address evidence standards for similar health claims, extending risk-based regulatory oversight, and additional powers for Health Canada to require a recall or label change for all self-care products.

There will be an opportunity to provide comments on Phase I of the Self-Care Framework during the Canada Gazette, Part I, public comment period, which is expected to take place in spring 2021 and last 70 days.

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