The international nomenclature for hydrocarbon ingredients currently designated by INCI names containing the stem terms ‘isoparaffin’ and ‘pareth’ will be revised. ‘Isoalkane’ and ‘alketh’ will replace these terms, respectively, preceded by the appropriate carbon number designation.

Why is this being done? To align with INCI names with REACH, and specifically the approach taken by the Hydrocarbon Solvent Producers Association and the OECD Guidance for Characterizing Hydrocarbon Solvents which describes hydrocarbon substances by the carbon range and the term “alkane.”. The update is expected to facilitate greater global harmonization of substance identification.

Companies will be allowed an indefinite period to fully transition to using the new terminology. Publication of the updated names in PCPC’s Infobase and wINCIis planned for spring 2021 in conjunction with the release of their new subscription database portal.

If you would like further information on the ingredients affected by this change, need assistance with making updates to your product labelling or filing Cosmetic Notification Amendments to Health Canada, please contact us.