As public perception of cannabis continues to change, and the public becomes more conscious of the source of their personal care ingredients, many are looking to the cannabis plant. Cannabis has a multitude of medical benefits, including relieving inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, arthritis and many more. This is due to the presence of a major component within the plant called cannabidiol (CBD). CBD comprises of around 40% of the plant and can be extracted from the stalks and flowers of the cannabis plant. However, due to the criminalization of cannabis, hemp is used. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant with little to none of tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound that causes the psychoactive effects of cannabis, and is legal in Canada and the US. CBD derived from hemp can be used in prescription health products, as long as there is sufficient evidence for its use in the product.

However, according to the Canadian cosmetic ingredient hotlist, CBD will not be allowed in any cosmetic product due to its therapeutic benefits. However, the seeds of the hemp plant may be used as cosmetic ingredients since there is little to no CBD or THC present. Hemp Seed Oil in particular, is becoming a growing cosmetic ingredient due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, providing relief for those with sensitive and acne prone skin. This makes it very attractive to the growing population of consumers who look for naturally-derived ingredients that won’t harm their skin. As seen by The Body Shop who have implemented Hemp seeds into their products such as hand cream, body butter, and lip balms.

For those who would like to include CBD into their cosmetic products many products are available online. However, because of its drug status, its legal use requires much more work to prove its safe use in a health product in addition to be classified as either a drug or natural health product. However, this may change after the legalization of cannabis in Canada.

Regardless, a rising number of consumers are seeing the benefits of hemp and CBD on their skin, thus, it is safe to bet that cannabis-derived ingredients will be the next new thing in cosmetics. The various health benefits of CBD, its prominence in the cannabis plant and its lack of psychoactive effects on consumers makes it a desirable ingredient. As jurisdictions continue to ease their restrictions on cannabis as well as the change in public perception of cannabis as a whole, many consumers are eagerly looking forward to CBD and hemp-containing products into their personal care routine.

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