With many countries announcing or starting to implement their post COVID-19 pandemic re-opening strategies, it is important to review the plans and how the cosmetic and beauty industry will be impacted by these regulations.  

The United States government has released their three staged plan for re-opening the country. There are certain criteria and preparedness that are required prior to the beginning of the first re-opening phase. Included with the release of the re-opening plan are guidelines for individuals, employers, and specific places for each phase. As well, the US government has released public sanitization guidance that can be found here. This document specifies cleaning and disinfecting regulations for public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools, and homes.  

Ultra Beauty, an American beauty salon retailer, has released their plan for re-opening stores. In fact, in several states in which salons, barbershops, and spas are already open, Ultra Beauty has begun re-opening their stores as well. Their re-opening strategies are based on advice and guidelines from governments, health sources, and Retail Industry Leaders Association. Associates of the establishments must wear masks, gloves, and undergo a mandatory wellness check prior to their shift. The customer experience will be different as well as they are encouraged to wear masks, perform social distancing, and book appointments for salon services. The store has removed all product samplers/testers and has provided hand sanitizer throughout the store.  

Makeup may not be the first priority for some customers as society opens; their priority will be their hair. In fact, Kantar Research identified that beauty therapy, such as barbers and salons, will experience the highest activity during re-opening. Salons and barbers are theorized to be in higher demand than even restaurants and socializing establishments. Luckily, L’Oréal collaborated with Nation Hair and Beauty Federation and British Beauty Council to release a support guide for barbers which follows United Kingdom guidelines. The guide advises business owners on how to organize bookings, payments, and how to ensure proper sanitization practices are performed, such as tool disinfecting. L’Oréal believes that these new measures will not only increase safety for employees and customers, but it will also promote a supportive and connected workplace for staff.  

Practices such as these will likely become very common in society as countries re-open. However daunting these practices seem, they are necessary and helpful for protecting the wellbeing of society while attempting to maintain a successful economy. These practices seem achievable with policies, guidelines, and examples such as Ultra Beauty and L’Oréal to help guide us through the re-opening of the cosmetic and beauty industry into this new normal.  

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