A new act – HB 528 – will require cosmetic manufacturers to disclose on their website the full list of ingredients, including component ingredients within fragrances, flavours and colour additives. In addition, manufacturers would be required to disclose the CAS numbers of each ingredient. While the concentration of each ingredient in the product isn’t required to be disclosed, the list of ingredients shall be in descending order of concentration except for those with a concentration of less than 1%. Any manufacturer violating this act will be subject to civil penalties.

The state government aims to have this act become effective July 1, 2022. However, it should be noted that this bill has only passed the first reading in the house (on April 13, 2021). Since then, there has been no update. The bill must still undergo Referral to Committee and its Second and Third Readings prior to approval.

Since this bill has only passed the initial reading, there is no action needed as yet. However, once this act becomes effective, your company will be required to update your website if selling cosmetic products in North Carolina.

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