The ban on animal testing for cosmetics has introduced several important requirements for manufacturers and brand owners. While most cosmetics do not necessitate the submission of safety evidence, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or brand owner to ensure that their product is safe for consumer use as intended. Health Canada retains the authority to request manufacturers to provide evidence establishing the safety of a cosmetic under recommended or normal conditions of use.

The ban prohibits:

  • The sale of cosmetics unless the safety of the product can be established without conducting tests on animals that could cause pain, suffering, or injury, whether physical or mental, to the animals.
  • Tests performed to meet regulations as well as requirements related to consumer safety under foreign laws.
  • Claims on the labels or advertisements for cosmetics that create an erroneous impression of a product being unique in relation to not being tested on animals.

It is important to note that there are exemptions for relying on data or marketing products that have been tested on animals, depending on the circumstances and timing of data acquisition to provide a level of flexibility while still upholding the overarching objective of reducing and ultimately eliminating animal testing in the cosmetics industry.

If you have any questions surrounding the ban or need help to ensure the claims on your product are consistent with the new regulations, please do reach out to us.