In February 2022, the Assembly Bill 2787 was introduced. This Bill will ban the sale of specific products such as cosmetics, detergents, wax, polishes, etc., in California, if they contain intentionally added microplastics. Biodegradable and water-soluble materials are not excluded.

This Bill includes both rinse-off & leave-on cosmetic products. It will prohibit selling or commercializing cosmetics or other products in California if they contain intentionally added microplastics at 0.01% or more by weight.

The deadlines for implementation are:

January 1, 2027: Rinse-off cosmetic products not subject to regulation under the Microbeads Nuisance Prevention Law

January 1, 2029: Leave-on cosmetic products

Once the Bill is passed, it will affect all products made, sold, or commercially distributed in California. In that case, reformulation will be required for soap, bath bombs, or other rinse-off products containing plastic-based glitter by January 2027 and leave-on products by January 2029.

If you would like to find out whether or not this bill could impact you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.