The coronavirus pandemic forced the cosmetic market to shift their marketing strategies to embrace the new normal. As people were encouraged to work from home and shift their social activities to an online format, the cosmetic industry shifted their advertisements to reflect this, modifying their example beauty looks and by placing a greater emphasis on mental health through cosmetics.

To begin, as society transitioned to a new normal, beauty companies were forced to shift their marketing strategies to a new normal. Some companies have promoted polished makeup looks for video conferences and online date nights. Other companies have begun promoting beauty looks that are created with the consideration of a medical mask. Finally, some companies have recognized the importance of maintaining a routine during isolation for mental health and have promoted makeup as part of this routine. These new marketing strategies demonstrate the importance of cosmetics for maintain normalcy and mental well-being during trying times.

Although the shift towards mental health was accelerated by the pandemic, the transition has actually been ongoing for years through a growing demand for functional fragrance products. Functional fragrance refers to products with fragrances that have been proven to enhance brain function and mental well-being. Such functions include relaxation, concentration, or sleep. These functions are supported by experts in neuroscience, psychology, and sensory science and fragrance. The increase in demand for functional fragrances has since caused a slight decrease of non-functional fragrances. This is not surprising as consumers have developed higher expectations for their products given these new developments. It also provides the product the appearance of being natural, while still being heavily manufactured.

In the end, even though the stricter rules of the COVID-19 lockdown are beginning to be phased out worldwide, the impact it has had on the cosmetic industry will likely last in this continuing transition to promote cosmetics for mental health.

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