The new year has just begun, and it is already friendlier than last year- at least more animal friendly that is! It is clear in today’s society that cruelty-free products are very important to cosmetic consumers and will likely continue to increase in importance. Scientists at Singapore’s A*STAR’s Institute of High-Performance Computing (IHPC) have recognized this and have launched into the future by creating a new in-silico model for hair and skin.

This new in-lab testing method not only eliminates the need for animal testing by providing the opportunity to analyze bioactive ingredient uptake in hair and skin but has many other benefits as well. These new hair and skin models provide insight into a formulation reaction to skin or hair, exploration into diffusion rates, and interactions between materials. The models also offer the inspection of ingredient-ingredient reactions both during storage and application. Finally, the models allow the study of ingredient reaction and toxicity at a molecular level. Because the new hair and skin models can be used for such extensive testing, there is little to no need for animal testing at all.

On top of the great amplitude of testing opportunities, the new models allow shortening time in the cosmetic design process. These models were created with the idea of quick in-lab testing by being compact. As well, the extensive testing options available with these models, permits the focused observations of single or multiple ingredients in the lab. By being compact and opportunistic in its testing methods, these models permit the rapid elimination of potential options, which abolishes the need for large scale testing and repetitive trial and error. This in turn reduces the overall design process in the cosmetic industry.

In the end, the new hair and skin testing models offer an important alternative to animal testing and can reduce time in the design process for many cosmetic products. With incredible benefits that models like these provide, it is exciting to see the bright and cruelty-free future of cosmetics. What a great start to 2020 for everyone involved in the cosmetic testing community.

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Emily Campbell