Recently Health Canada released two separate public inquiries, one regarding drugs manufactured in Canada specifically for export and the other regarding counter-tariffs on aluminum exports from the U.S. to Canada.  

Health Canada plans on amending the F&D Regulations to extend the requirement for Drug Establishment Licensing and application of Good Manufacturing Practices to drugs manufactured in Canada for the sole purpose of export. Stakeholders are asked to provide details of their use of section 37 of the FDA, exemptions they believe that should be made, their activities within Canada, ways COVID-19 has impacted their exports, and details regarding their good manufacturing practices and licenses. Health Canada requests that these details be provided to by August 28, 2020.  

In response to the Trump administration placing a 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum exports to the U.S, the Canadian Government has proposed a list of products to impose a counter-tariff on. These products include aluminum-based chemicals and packaging. The proposed list can be seen here. The Canadian Government is welcoming comments, but the comments should include the Canadian company/industry association name and contact person, eight-digit tariff items, a description of goods of interest, reasoning for the expressed support, and identification of any commercially sensitive information. Comments are welcomed until September 6th and should be sent to  

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