Health Canada has been proposing amendments to the Cosmetic Regulations to introduce requirements to disclose certain fragrance allergens on the cosmetic product labels as well as amendments to enhance regulatory oversight for cosmetics. These amendments are part of an initiative to better align Canada’s requirements with those established by the European Union and is part of Health Canada’s Regulatory Stock Review Plan for 2022 to 2024.

The amended regulations would inform consumers of the presence of certain fragrance allergens within a cosmetic product, outside of the term “fragrance/parfum”. This change in labelling will allow for consumers the choice of avoiding products containing fragrance allergens to which they may be sensitive.

As this will affect labels of many cosmetic products, Health Canada will determine an appropriate coming-into-force strategy for the cosmetic industry. The opportunity for the industry to provide comments will be expected to take place in spring 2022 and last 70 days.

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