As we are well into the coronavirus pandemic, most people are aware of Health Canada’s methods of increasing hand sanitizer production by temporarily relaxing some regulations. It is easy to be confused or misunderstand these regulations. We have previously reported on these interim regulations, including revisions made to the policies and the use of isopropyl alcohol in hand sanitizers. However, despite everyone’s best efforts, there have been some mistakes made.  

Recently, Health Canada has released a list of recalls for hand sanitizers which contain industrial grade ethanol. This type of alcohol has not been approved for use in hand sanitizers in Canada. A list of products made with industrial grade ethanol can be found here. If you have purchased one of these products, it is recommended to stop use immediately. See a doctor if you are experiencing any health concerns. As well, Health Canada asks that you report any of these adverse events or complaints to Health Canada. This recent event emphasizes the need for both producers and consumers of health products to review regulatory steps, especially during this time of changing interim measures.  

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