Following the closure of the consultation on proposed updates to the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist on October 11, 2022, Health Canada acknowledged and values the feedback received from various stakeholders. In response to inquiries regarding specific ingredients, Health Canada is offering additional information and inviting stakeholders to submit further comments on the proposed conditions for the following ingredients:

1.           Thioglycolic acid esters

2.           Retinoic acid precursors (Retinal and Retinol and its esters)

3.           Mixed cresols and derivatives (p-, m- and o-Cresol)

4.           Aluminum chlorohydrate and its associated complexes

5.           Peroxide and peroxide-generating compounds and Benzoyl Peroxide

The additional comment period for these ingredients commenced on March 13, 2024, and will be open for 60 days.

For the remaining substances that were part of the 2023 consultation, no significant technical information was received. Health Canada has also shared its position on alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) and their salts stating that only minor adjustments to AHAs on the Hotlist would be made due to lack of new evidence.

The final Hotlist updates for all the proposed ingredients are to be published in Spring 2024.

If you need assistance with submitting comments or require any additional information, feel free to reach out to us.