As Canada works towards achieving zero plastic waste by 2030, the Government of Canada is implementing ambitious measures to diminish plastic pollution and facilitate the transition to a circular economy for Canadians. This involves a detailed plan based on evidence, addressing the complete lifecycle of plastics to ensure they remain within the economy and are not released into the environment.

A key component of this plan is the creation of a Federal Plastics Registry. Producers will be mandated to submit annual reports detailing the quantity and types of plastic they introduce into the Canadian market, how it is utilized within the economy, and crucially, how it is managed at the end of its useful life. The section 46 notice would require producers of plastic products to provide the Minister of the Environment with information about the lifecycle of plastics in Canada.

The Government intends to publish the section 46 notice for the Federal Plastics Registry in the Canada Gazette, Part I, before the end of 2024. If you believe that your business may be impacted by this, please reach out to us and we’ll gladly assist.