Recently, information has been provided regarding updates that Health Canada and the U.S. FDA have done in order to aid in the battle against COVID-19. However, other countries have also taken drastic measures to assist with reducing the spread of COVID-19. The information below will outline a summary of the key implementations both Canada and U.S.A. have taken, along with what the EU has done as well.

To begin, the United States has allowed non-traditional drug manufacturers to produce hand sanitizers, with the condition of following FDA guidance and registration procedures. The hope is that these more relaxed measures will allow a greater volume of hand sanitizer production and distribution (a key component in the fight against coronavirus).  The United States will also temporarily suspend all domestic routine facility inspections. This will allow for maximum physical distancing, and non-essential personnel to be able to remain at a distance.

The E.U. has also taken steps to aid the community through this troubling time. The European Chemicals Agency has announced their support of EU/EEA authorities in applying exemptions from normal authorization to speed up the process of disinfectants, such as hand sanitizers, during the pandemic. As well, the European Commission presented new temporary guidelines to ensure the continuous flow of goods across E.U. borders. These guidelines include minimizing procedures for checking transport trucks and their drivers to what is necessary.

Finally, Canada has also taken steps in updating their regulatory processes in order to provide ease during this time. Health Canada has streamlined the process for importing non-prescription drugs with the hope of making import of high demand of non-prescription products easier and quicker for consumers. Along the same lines, Health Canada has temporarily allowed exemptions for importing and releasing disinfectant and sanitization products onto the Canadian market by alleviating and reducing the normal authorization and approval procedures for disinfectant and sanitation products.

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Emily Campbell